Apologies, betting with spurs© supporters, All a-board,

Welcome Gooner’s and good day to you all. Once again I have to apologies for the lack of updates, however if you checked in the other day you would of seen the reasons why. We’ll just call them ‘ongoing saga’s’ for now! And there’s plenty of them. However as mentioned previously, things should return to normality very soon, like Cliff Richard having a Christmas number one and spurs© (by the way that symbol isn’t meant to be a ‘copyright’ symbol the ‘C’ is for crap! Or another four letter word you care to think of) being a top four team. Oh how we laughed. I must admit some spurs© supporters are still living in cloud cook-coo-land. Now one of relatives and I’m not proud to tell you this Gooner’s but even me, Tommi Gooner has to put up with infidels of the spurs persuation in his family. However one of my uncles is a spurs© supporter and I wanted to relieve him of some cash so I said to him lets have a £50 bet on The Arsenal finishing above spurs© – and if (yeah more like when) we do then call it an extra quid for every point extra we finish above spurs©. I thought he would go for it – he didn’t, he said he didn’t want to take my money – Muhahahahahaha – oh how I laughed. And on Monday just gone that was the exact text I sent to him when northern monkeys Aston Villa done them at Shite Hart Lane. I strangely didn’t get a reply though – those spurs© supporters are a funny bunch don’t you think?


Kroenke joins the board

The worst kept secret in football has now been exposed – Stanley Kroenke the American that originally old Etonian and Havanna cigar chumping ‘Sir’ Peter Hill-Wood didn’t want ‘his sort’ at The Arsenal has now joined the board. You could see this one coming a mile off it was just a case of when it was going to happen really. So that’s some good news which hopefully should see Jabba the Hut looking Russian fat man Alisher Usmanov’s move for The Arsenal derailed for a bit longer. Which is nice.

Apart from that Gooner’s the only other news is that we have plenty of cash. I think most Gooner’s must of known that seeing that The Grove is making money hand over fist compared to our Highbury days. However you have to think to yourself, ‘OK we got all this cash – but will Le Gaffer actually spend any of it?’ Well one such player the cash could of gone on is Yaya ‘Touré the Younger’ Touré who apparently reckons turned down a move to us in the summer – oh well there’s always the January sales though, seeing that the big fella is getting many games at the moment.


‘Thomas – it’s up for grabs now’ – Where was you?

As part of this season and trying to tie in with all the 20th anniversary shenanigans of that famous last minute championship win, allgoonerdup.com is doing a ‘JFK where was you moment’. But obviously the moment we’re doing is – ‘Thomas – it’s up for grabs now’ moment. Every Gooner knows where they were when that goal went in and we’re going to publish your tales. The idea is to do one Gooner’s piece a day, so get amongst it and send your emails in via the contacts page and mark the subject line ‘Thomas – it’s up for grabs moment’. I’ll be doing some sort of fancy graphic and that just to give the piece some ‘air play’. Get your emails in and we’ll get the ball rolling with your ‘Thomas – where was you moment’. Hopefully your tales of that wonderful night will get other people sharing their ‘Thomas – it’s up for grabs now moment’!


One Response to Apologies, betting with spurs© supporters, All a-board,

  1. lmao that was funny! he didn’t want to take your money! You should have just answered, “Please! it weighs so heavily in my pocket!” easy pickins…

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