Weekend fallout …Michael Thomas monent…Win a free tee…

I’m going to have to keep it short Gooner’s as I have a lot on and time is my enemy at the moment. Allgoonerdup.com’s posts might be a bit sporadic over the next week or so, so I apologies in advance to all you good people who like your daily dose of football and humour. OK so first up, we lost. Yep so we did, anyone REALLY that surprised? I think even the ardent Arsene Wenger fan (I’m on about the AKB’s) must admit we were fecking awful against Fulham and the blame has to rest at the feet of Wenger who hasn’t strengthened our midfield. OK it’s quite easy to say “I told you so” but come on even with our injuries, you can’t expect to beat a Premier League team with the likes of Eboué and Denilson in the central midfield berth. Alright I wont knock Denilson too much, the boy has got talent he just happened to have his worst game in an Arsenal shirt when he needed to step up. 

I know Emmanuel Eboué is the new ‘Pascal Cygan’ the player all fans love to hate, but admittedly he isn’t doing himself any favours. He was fecking awful against Fulham. I can’t believe we are serious title contenders with a player like Emmanuel Eboué supposedly doing the defensive midfield work. If Eboué was brought in to do a ‘Flamini’ job it desperately failed. Mathieu Flamini was all work rate, jumping into tackles with full gusto, running up and down the pitch like a maniac and just pure energy, Emmanuel Eboué on the other hand was none of those – he wasn’t even close to one of those. If we are to play like we did last season we need a Mathieu Flamini type player, simple as that. We haven’t got one of those amongst our ranks so will Le Gaffer buy one? Who knows? Wenger still reckons he’s no closer to signing anyone. Well if that’s the case this season will be a fecking long one Gooner’s and we’ll know how it feels to be a spud supporter, what with losing against teams you should be caning and generally being a laughing stock. 

I haven’t got the answers to improve us, that’s down to the manager and his cheque book and the players he’s identified. We do need to buy, our squad is paper thin. After losing the experience of Alex Hleb, Mathieu Flamini and Gilberto Silva, Le Gaffer still hasn’t addressed getting the quality players in with the added bonus of ‘experience’, in my opinion. But we do need it and need it quick. I’m just glad we lost against a team like Fulham and it was so early in the season. At least Le Gaffer can see early doors what he needs to do and hopefully he will. Cross those fingers someone decent with experience is signed up Gooners.

St Michael Thomas t-shirt…

The winner of the St Michael Thomas t-shirt is Darren Taylor, a Gooner from Bristol. So well done Gooner – hope you enjoy your prize. The answer to the question was Michael Thomas wore the number four shirt when we beat Liverpool at Anfield in 1989 to grab the title. Which is nice. 

‘Thomas – it’s up for grabs now’ – Where was you?

As part of this season and trying to tie in with all the 20th anniversary shenanigans of that famous last minute championship win, allgoonerdup.com is doing a ‘JFK ‘where was you’ moment’. But obviously the moment we’re doing is -‘Thomas – it’s up for grabs now’ moment. Every Gooner knows where they were when that goal went in and we’re going to publish your emails. There will be one a day, so get amongst it and send your emails in via the contacts page and mark the subject line ‘Thomas – it’s up for grabs moment’. I’ll be doing some sort of fancy graphic and that just to give the piece some ‘air play’. But get your emails in and I’ll post where you were and that.

Girl in a shirt

Allgoonerdup is looking to give the Goonerbabe page a bit of a boost and we’re going for a ‘Girl in the Shirt’ approach. Do you have any pictures of your girl in the shirt or girls get yourself seen on the Goonerbabe wall and send in your own pictures. Lets get this party started right. Send your pictures in and tell us your name, favourite player, favourite all time player, favourite drink and if you have anything else to declare to babe@allgoonerdup.com


3 Responses to Weekend fallout …Michael Thomas monent…Win a free tee…

  1. Rae says:


    Believe Wegner lost the plot a bit after Saturdays defeat, which to me is a good thing. The last time I’d heard of him going mad was after we lost to Blackburn 3-0 (I think) around ‘xmas 1997 – & we all know what happened that season! Don’t get me wrong, we are crying out for a holding midfielder, Eboue is just not good enough there, but maybe that rollicking will do the team the world of good. A lot will be answered tonight but maybe, just maybe, Arsene has something up his sleeve. For example, I like Song, think he is a good solid player, have seen him in the ACN & the Olympics & he’s done very well, as indeed he did towards the end of last season for us. I would take him as a solution to the problem. We’ll see what side is put out tonight though because I’m sure Wegner is seeing what we’re all seeing.

  2. Easy Rae,

    Mate I hope you’re right. I must admit for the first time in a while Gooner’s (AKB’s included) are starting to question Le Gaffer. I have no idea where he thinks where we can win the Uefa Champions League with this current team. OK I know we have injuries to key players but this isn’t a knee-jerk reaction. Because when we are hit by injuries to key players we’ve got feck all as back up – only kids, in fact some are bloody babies. I cant believe when I was watching our game against Fulham and were 1-0 down, didnt look to create feck all in the second half, the commentator said it could be time to introduce Jack Wilshere. Now I’ve seen the kid play and he’s decent but lets not rest our hopes on a 16 year old. For one it’s not fair on the boy and two for the history and the status of the club – it’s fecking saying something when you’re relying on a 16 year old to win you a game… now that cant be right.

    As I’ve said Wenger is to blame for this mess – he’s had amble time to buy what is needed. Now for some reason he hasn’t addressed it – I am not sure if it’s financial or just the fact he believes this team without reinforcements will do it. Like I said I’m just glad it’s so early in the season and it wasn’t against the spuds! I think I’d be slitting my fecking wrists now.

  3. Rae says:

    Alright Tommi,

    With you there mate, we were awful against Fulham, the worst I’ve seen us play in a long, long time. We had absolutley nothing in the middle. I know the goal came from a corner but Murphy & Bullard bossed the centre of the park & Fulham, f**king Fulham actually looked better then us. It was that bad a performance that you just knew we were never going to score.

    What I’m saying is that surely Wegner saw what we & countless others saw. He lost the rag, which imo is about time, but he must have something up his sleeve. I’m hoping tonight will tell a different tale & he doesn’t just put out a team capable of stopping Twente, I demand a performance to apologise for Saturday. There is no way he can continue to play that donkey in the centre, he has to give someone like Song a chance in there.

    But your point is very valid, if he does play Song in the holding role (I’m saying Song because he is the only one I can see capable of filling that role in the current squad that’s not injured) & he turns out to have a Flamini, great, but what if he gets injured. This is where strenght in depth comes in. Diaby? Personally, not good enough, didn’t impress me at all in pre season. Ramsey – too young & I don’t think he is a holding midfielder anyway. We will be left with Eboue – great.

    Arsene said the other day that the problem with signing Barry was that he would get no return if he sold the player in 4 or 5 year – wtf!!! We never sold Dennis Bergkamp but the return we got on the pitch was immense. I’d be very suprised if he put balancing the books before us winning a title, he is the manager after all, not the accountant. Of the players we sold in the summer the only one we haven’t replaced is Flamini & we seriously need to. While I am a AKB to an extent, I am now doing rosaries that we buy someone before 1 Sept. It is up to Arsene to build on the success of last season & currently he’s not.

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